1. What kind of meditation do you teach? We teach secular meditation. We give it a fun, simple, and modern twist. We facilitate guided mindfulness exercises, meditation and manifesting/visualization exercises.

2. What should I wear / bring to a pop up event? Bring a yoga mat. You may also want to bring a yoga block to sit on. Dress comfortably, as you may be sitting/laying on the ground. That's it!

3. I've never done meditation before, can I still participate? Yes! All levels are welcome. We will go over the basics. 


4. What's your background and training for meditation? Julie is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. Julie has over ten years of yoga teaching experience including leading retreats and longer events. Dana completed two semesters of meditation teacher training classes at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse (mindfulness-based training and teaching relaxation techniques) and has facilitated numerous corporate wellness events on mindfulness. Dana is a certified yoga teacher, wellness coach and personal trainer. She has spent the past 20 years in corporate wellness. 

5. Do you have insurance and liability waivers? Yes, we are fully insured and upon registering for an event, you will be sent a liability waiver to complete prior to the event.  


6. How old does someone need to be to do the meditation events? 16 years of age. 


7. What's your cancellation / refund policy? We require a one week notice to cancel the event in order for you to receive your full refund. This includes pop ups, private meditation celebrations and all other events. 


8. What's the minimum number of participants you need in order to hold the event: 

  • Retail pop up events: Minimum of 6 participants registered 24 hours in advance.

  • Meditation celebration (private events): It's a flat fee, so we have no minimum, just a maximum of 15 participants.

  • Meditation retreats: Minimum of 5 people registered one week in advance. 

  • We will email you within 24 hours if the pop up if it's cancelled. We will email you within one week if the retreat is cancelled. 


9. Is this open for men and women: Yes!


10. When did you launch Live Heavily Meditated LLC? We officially launched in January 2019. 



11. When is the best time to host a pop up meditation at my business? For retail stores/boutiques, spas, etc. who do not have a separate room for us to use, it's best to host before/after the store opens/closes and is not open to the public. Weekend mornings and weekday evenings are both great options.Spaces that can provide private rooms (fitness centers, yoga studios, corporate businesses), we can accommodate pop ups anytime. 

12. What are the benefits of hosting a pop up meditation at my business?

  • Custom, co-branded marketing materials that we can create. Flyer and images for your website/social media.

  • We can set up Facebook event marketing.

  • We can promote your business on our website & social media.

  • New potential clients coming into your space for the event.

  • A new service/event that doesn’t require much space, equipment or clean up. Just an open room. 

  • Generally limited to 15 people (who register in advance) or what your space determines.

13. How far do you travel for pop up events or private events?

We primarily serve Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Niwot and Gunbarrel, but also hold events in Denver. 

14. How far in advance should I schedule the pop up at my businesses / my private event?

Please email us at least 3 weeks out. Weekends book up fast!

15. How should I prepare the space at my business for a pop up or my home for a private event?

For businesses, simply move retail / furniture out of the way. Kindly sweep / clean the floors where participants will be sitting. Keeping the room warm and dimly lit also helps to create the perfect atmosphere. A temperature of 71 - 73 is generally perfect. Providing a pitcher of water is also helpful. 

For your home, removing any clutter, and creating a warm (71 - 73 degrees) and inviting space is key to relaxation. Having drinks and light snacks available is also helpful. Think light and healthy spa foods and beverages - teas, cucumber infused water, dried fruit/nuts, fresh fruit, granola, etc., will foster an amazing atmosphere. Dim lighting with candles is also ideal. 

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