"It takes two to make a thing go right,
it takes two to make it outta sight."
Turns out Rob Base was 100% right.
Dana Wisniewski, M.S.
co-founder | certified meditation + yoga teacher

Hi! I'm Dana.


See the picture above? It's totally staged.

Yes, it's my house. And that's really my kid. But the reality was I had to bribe my child with candy to have him sit still and stop hitting his brother for five seconds. My floor was covered in Cheerios, Cheddar Bunnies and mystery stains that I had to frantically wipe out of the way before rolling out my yoga mat, as the magazine photographer was pulling up to my house for this photo-shoot.


But I'm more interested in real life, not the staged, Instagram-worthy one. 

I wanted a totally authentic and fun way to reach women right where they are with meditation and a few truths I picked up along the way. From the busy mom in stained yoga pants with a little throw-up on her shoulder who escapes into the closet to eat the Oreos to calm down, to the busy corporate exec who occasionally fantasizes about breaking her leg just so she can spend a few nights in the hospital to totally relax and escape life. 


I see you. I've been there. 

I'm also a wife, momma of two boys, author, writer and designer, corporate wellness professional with 15 years of experience, including designing mindfulness programs for City of Boulder employees and Jeffco Public Schools employees. I'm also considered Faculty Status by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and received the honor of "Top 100 Health Promotions Professionals in U.S." (WELCOA). 


I'm a born and raised Wisconsin girl, who now calls Colorado home. My background integrates:

  • B.S. Community Health Education

  • M.S. Management

  • M.P.H. Public Health (in progress)

  • Meditation Teacher Training & Certification (25 hour, Anchor Meditation, San Francisco, CA)

  • Meditation Training (Ziva Meditation)

  • Wellness Coach Training (Wellcoaches School of Coaching)

  • Yoga Teacher Training & Certification (Corepower Yoga)

I also like drinking strong coffee and using the occasional cuss word. 

However, my life (like everyone else's) was far from all sunshine, rainbows, and fancy certifications. And I learned that I was far from alone. I decided to write a book about the crazy experience of mommahod, mindfulness and mistakes  - The Yoga Pants Years.  (Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.)

My writing has been featured in:

Julie Lockwood, M.S.
co-founder | certified yoga + meditation teacher

Hi! I'm Julie.


Want to know where I see myself in 5 years?


Happy, peaceful and worry-free! I want a life that I don’t have to take a vacation from, meditation has helped me get there. I did the corporate world of late night flights and conference calls until my ears hurt.

What I realized was that I was looking for something in life that I couldn’t describe, can’t be delivered via Amazon and always arrives right on time. I was searching through new clothes, the cutest haircut and vacations for something that couldn’t be found in a store.

Though meditation I realized I don’t need more, I need less than ever. Meditation has given me the ability to truly know myself and have a vision for life. With practice I have been able to let go of anxiety, reduce stress and know my true self.

My New Year’s resolution for 2019 was spend more time doing nothing, NOTHING!


Why is that so difficult in our world? I want to help others experience the joy and love that comes from being quiet and tuning in. I want to meet you where exactly where you are in your spiritual journey. I love finding creative ways to remove what blocks us from experiencing love in our lives.

I am a wife, Momma to two amazing boys, meditation teacher, yoga teacher and business consultant. I’m a down to earth mid-western girl transplanted to Colorado. I can talk about college football or practical mysticism. I am a meditation teacher and 200 hour certified yoga teacher and have over a decade of experience teaching students yoga.  I have hosted many class, retreats and women’s wellness activities.

Let’s Meditate!

Based out of Boulder, Co

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